ISO 45001:2018 Template for Confluence Cloud


Simplify your ISO 45001:2018 compliance journey with our all-in-one Template for Confluence Cloud pack. Designed for SMEs, this comprehensive resource includes essential processes, templates, and documents needed for ISO 45001 certification.

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Some of the key processes included in the ISO 45001:2018 For Confluence Cloud pack are change control, risk management, health & safety operational control policy, emergency preparedness & response process, etc. These processes are essential for establishing a robust and effective OH&S Documentation.

In addition to processes, the pack also includes a variety of templates that can help organizations streamline their implementation efforts. For example, the pack includes policy templates, procedures, checklists, and forms that can be customized to meet an organization's specific needs.

The ISO 45001:2018 pack includes a new Confluence space with Space templates, pages, and labels. Key features included in the Template pack:

  • Ready-to-use Confluence Templates:

    • CAPA Form Template

    • Change Control Form Template

    • Employee Training Form Template

    • Equipment Form Template

    • Equipment Service Report Template

    • Incident Report Template

    • Incident Template

    • Internal Audit Template

    • Management Review Meeting Template

    • Non-Conformance Form Template

    • RA - Display Screens Equipment (DSE) Risk Assessment Template

    • RA - Electrical Safety Assessment Template

    • RA - Employee Work Practices Template

    • RA - Fire Risk Assessment Template

    • RA - First Aid Risk Assessment Template

    • RA - Hazardous Substance Risk Assessment Template

    • RA - Health and Wellbeing Risk Assessment Template

    • RA - Manual Handling Risk Assessment Template

    • RA - Mental Health Assessment Template

    • RA - Personal Protective Equipment Risk Assessment Template

    • RA - Remote Working Assessment Template

    • RA - Work Environment Risk Assessment Template

    • RA - Work Equipment Risk Assessment Template

    • RA - Workstation Risk Assessment Template

    • Risk Assessment Form Template

    • Safety Committee Meeting Minutes Template

    • Safe Work Instructions Template

    • Supplier Evaluation Form Template

    • SWOT Analysis Template

  • OH&S Objectives

  • OH&S Policy

  • OH&S Manual

  • Quality Control Processes

  • Operations Processes

  • HR Policies & Processes

  • Records (Registers)

How does it work

Easy setup with our step-by-step guide:

  1. Purchase the OH&S Template pack from our store and receive a license key.

  2. Install the QC Template Launcher app from the Atlassian Marketplace.

  3. Open the QC Template Launcher app from the Apps menu (Apps → QC Template Launcher).

  4. Enter the provided license key for validation.

  5. Configure your OH&S space by giving it a unique name and space key.

  6. Import the ISO 45001:2018 template by clicking the “Import” button.

  7. Start building your Occupational Health and Safety System!

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