Brand Customization for QC R&U Email Notifications


€50.00 billed every year

The Customized QC R&U Email Notifications is a must-have solution for companies that utilize the QC Read & Understood app in Confluence for employee training and verification purposes.

Our product enables users to tailor their email notifications, ensuring a seamless integration of their brand identity.

The product includes:

  • Custom Domain Authentication. With the ability to authenticate their own domain, users can guarantee secure communication channels.

  • Custom Color Scheme and Logo. Our customizable template feature allows customers to incorporate their unique color schemes and logos, further enhancing their brand consistency.

Billed Annually!

This product is billed annually to cover maintenance costs and liability reasons, ensuring ongoing support and peace of mind.

By personalizing email notifications, businesses can effectively engage their employees and prompt timely action in confirming R&U of important Confluence pages.